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Dangerous goods transport

We offer our special trips service also in the area of dangerous goods. Benefit at the same time from our many years of market expertise in this highly sensitive market segment. Specially trained personnel, our external dangerous goods safety adviser and our own ADR vehicle fleet ensure a maximum degree of safety and smooth process flows.

For dangerous goods shipments we ensure that securing of the load, identification marking and transport are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the “European Agreement on the International Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road” or ADR for short. Our drivers are specially trained and in possession of the ADR certificate. Our vehicles are specially equipped for the transport of dangerous goods and have the necessary ADR approvals.

We transport dangerous goods of the classes:

  • 1: Explosives and items containing explosives
  • 2.1: Gases (flammable / inflammable)
  • 2.2: Gases (non-flammable / non-inflammable)
  • 2.3: Gases (toxic/poisonous)
  • 3: Flammable/Inflammable  toxic substances
  • 4.1: Flammable/Inflammable solid substances
  • 4.2: Self-igniting substances
  • 4.3: Substances forming flammable/inflammable gases with water
  • 5.1: Oxidising (combustion-promoting) substances
  • 5.2: Organic peroxides
  • 6.1: Toxic/poisonous substances
  • 6.2: Infectious substances
  • 8: Corrosive substances
  • 9: Various hazardous substances and items


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